We are transforming NMSU into a 21st century university that can
  sustain itself through good times and bad.”

-Garrey Carruthers, Ph.D.
NMSU Chancellor

Welcome to the NMSU  ICT-University Computer Center (UCC) web site.

UCC benefits the NMSU campus by providing a secure, professionally managed data center
to meet the growing Information Technology (IT) needs of Researchers, Colleges, Schools and
Administrative Specialists at New Mexico State University.

Home to Banner Systems, UCC monitors the health and schedules of the
many specialized application modules that power the departments campus wide.
Banner supports Student services, Financial Aid, Finance, Agriculture, Engineering
and many more that help the Scholastic & Administrative duties of the NMSU community.

Assisting ICT software & systems engineers, UCC staff  Monitors Banner and related
Computer & Server Power System’s UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source), related Cooling Systems
for all ICT Computer systems on campus, and Security Controlled environment to help ensure
safe Systems Operations & Data protection.

Scantron Computer TestScore & Class Evaluations
reside here with additional Scantron
services that include: Item Analysis, Scantron Design, Scantron Print and Departmental
Evaluation systems.

This is a Scantron Based System:  Form Scanned, Data logged & processed.

Scantron-1 “NMSU Test Score Sheet”  (8 1/2  by 11″)  184 Question multiple choice
TestScore Reports contain:  (7)Sections containing Scores by Name,  Scores by ID,
Input Parameters, Raw Data Scanned, Class Statistics, Student Err-Response list,
and Class Item-Analysis.

Scantron-2 “Form882e” –  (10 1/2  by 4″)  100 Question multiple choice
Test Results:  are printed on the Form 882e-Scantron:  Right#/Wrong# only.

******************************* Notice ************************************

New Mexico State University Computer Center is a Restricted Area.

Staff and Authorized Personnel Only.

Authorization & Verification Required upon entry.

Visitor Escort required.

******************************** Notice ************************************