Scantron Print and Design


Scantron 2013 visit  Columbia, PA.

Scantron 2013 visit Columbia, PA.


UCC can provide Scantron Form Design, Scantron Printing and ScanTools
Applications for Department TestScoring, Evaluations and/or Item Analysis.
All Design, Programming and Configuration is
performed here at the UCC.

Scantron Design Tools, Printing Production Materials & Applications Software are Scantron Products:
Scantron Design Expert Document form#103188
Scantron DesignExpert: Forms Design Software
Scantron Scantools Plus: OMR & Imaging Utility Software


Scanning and Print Costs:
ALL Scantron Scanning and Print:  single sided: 10 cents per scantron, Double sided: 15 cents per scantron

Testscore & Evaluation Reports are included in scanning Price.


Evaluations Systems Scantron Design Package ( by Department )

How about your own College Department Scantron, with your own Department Header,
fancy logo, your own developed questions pertaining to your discipline, and the amount
of questions that satisfy an evaluation scope covering all of the subjects you want to

Accompany with an Item Analysis report to suit your department; even add your
tabulations and calculations that reflect measurements to specific areas, or just have a
normal analysis that covers all of your own questions.

a) Scantron Form design:  Your Department Logo and design for your Evaluation Scantron.

b) ScanTools Programming(scanner): Program “Scantools Plus” to read your new Scantron .

c) Evaluation Reports:  Java designed Evaluation report designed of your Scantron questions.

Departmental Evaluation Scantron and Reporting Systems vary in Price per Department needs.
Call 646.2032, or email: for more information.