Banner Systems

ucc machine room

ucc machine room


UCC is home to Banner Systems, Staff monitors the scheduling and execution of the
many modules that are used campus wide for the various departments everyday.
The Banner system consists Student services, Financial Aid, Finance, Advancement,
Human Resources and General Services.

The Banner system is highly integrated, departments throughout campus enter and
use information in Banner, facilitating the maintenance of the college’s shared data and
minimizing redundancy. With this common database ICT Systems hardware & software
engineers are able to ensure the integrity of student’s records from admission through
graduation and beyond as an alumnus, as well as maintaining all other financial and
administrative records. UCC handles Operational Procedures to insure backup data
storage vaults are secure and up to date.

ICT-DCAC is responsible for the accurate application and maintenance of security access to all NMSU enterprise databases and applications using established standards and maintaining proper records and auditing procedures. With continuous re-design, modernization, and implementation of enterprise-wide security administration, we are working toward the use of online forms, paperless authorizations, and automated mass changes. Our request for access forms can be found at:

We are equally charged with the task of monitoring and troubleshooting the UC4 batch job submission system on a 24/7 basis – Determine causes of operating errors and work with clients/staff campus wide for resolution. This task assures employees have the tools necessary for everyday business at NMSU.