Class Evaluations

Scantron hdqtrs Columbia, PA.

Scantron hdqtrs Columbia, PA.


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UCC Scantron Evaluation computer systems provide NMSU academic programs
Evaluation Surveys tailored around their Departments field of studies. Item Analysis
Reports, generated with data submitted from student evaluation forms, provide a
College’s analysis they are looking for with these specific evaluation questions. UCC
has the java program systems, and Scantron tools that can give Anaysis Report(s)
for a single class of 60 students, or a Department of 30 classes with 900 students.

Course Evaluation is: “A questionnaire which receives written or selected
student responses to a series of questions in evaluation of  Instruction, Subject
Matter & Resources of a given course; to produce useful Scientific Analysis of
to which the Instructor and/or College can analyze to improve intended quality
of instruction and associated matters”.

Types of Class Evaluations

a.  Classroom
b.  Department


II. Which UCC Scantron can I Use for my course evaluations?

a.  NMSU TestScore Scantron:                     <Scantron for Single Class view>

b. UCC Designed  Department Scantron:   <Department Scantron sample view>

c.  Print  Evaluation Request Form:               < EVALUATION Request Form Print >

***  Scantron Forms must be a “Scantron Product”,  office machine copy CANNOT be used with OMR Scanners  ***