Evaluation Requests and Procedures


UCC Reception rm#129k

UCC Reception rm#129k



1) Bring  Scantrons to  UCC:  ICT bldg. Reception rm 129K.    Map Here

2) Fill out  “Item Analysis/Evaluation”  Request Form.

3) Sign-in UCC Job Log Book.

4) Ring Bell,  Hand Scantrons  to  UCC Staff Personnel.



a.  use NMSU Test Scantron.
b.  Department will Write Evaluation Questions distributed in class.
c.  Student responses given, Scantrons completed and gathered.
d.  Class Scantrons & Request Form are brought to UCC.
e.  Class Scantrons are processed by UCC,  Item Analysis report generated.

< View Single Classroom Report   < Single Class Report sample>
< View NMSU test Scantron for    < Single Class Scantron view >

 II. Department  Class Evaluation Procedures ( Scantron Designed by UCC)

a.  Email your semester Class List to UCC.
b.  Bar Coded Class cover sheets are printed for each Class.
c.  Cover sheets picked up by requester.
d.  Scantrons distributed in class to students
e.  Students Answer Evaluation Questions
f.  Cover sheets are placed atop respective class, Scantron stack assembled to One stack.
..   *Please No Staples, Paper Clips, Rubber Bands, Tape, etc.
g.  Bring Scantrons to UCC, Request form & login job.
h.  Scantrons are scanned by UCC, Item Analysis Reports generated.


III. View DEPARTMENT Report Samples:
>  Department Single Class Report*  (Individual Class Dept. Report)
>  Department Evaluations Report*   (ALL Classes Report )
>  Department Evaluation Scantron * (Department Scantron view)


IV.   Department Evaluation Report Options:

  •    Single class report,
  •    ALL Classes Report (Total students responses)
  •    by College levels (example: all biology class level 100s, 200s,..etc.).


V.  Scanning Prices

  • Single sided scantron 10 cents.
  • Double sided 15 cents