Scantron Print and Design


Scantron 2013 visit Columbia, PA.

Scantron 2013 visit Columbia, PA.


UCC provides custom Scantron Form Design, Scantron Printing,
 OMR Scanner programming using Scantron Software & Applications,
 used For Scantron Class Evaluations, TestScoring, and Item Analysis.

All Design, Programming and Configuration is performed here at UCC.


Scantron Design Tools, Printing Production Materials & Applications Software are Scantron Products:
Scantron Design Expert Document form#103188
Scantron DesignExpert: Forms Design Software
Scantron Scantools Plus: OMR & Imaging Utility Software


Scanning, Print & Design Costs:
ALL Scantron Scanning and Print charges are:
Single sided Scan or Print  –   .10 cents per Scantron.
Double sided Scan or Print –  .15 cents per scantron

Scantron Design:
Scantron Form Design & Scanner Programming is $65 per hour,
this includes change/re-design to an existing Scantron Form Templates.
Costs are for:
– Scantron “ScanTools-Plus” software programming – (OMR OpScan6 Scanner)
– Scantron “Design Expert” software      –  (Custom Scantron Form#103188 Design).


Scantron Evaluation Design Packages

How about your own College Department Scantron, with your own Department Logo & Header,
Develope your own Student questions focused for your department, and the amount
of questions that satisfy your scope to cover all the subjects you want to include.

Included is an Item Analysis report to suit your department.

a) Scantron Form design:  Your Custom Logo and design Scantron for your Department/College.

b) ScanTools Programming: Program the Scanner with “Scantools Plus” to read your new Scantron .

c) Evaluation Reports:  Java Program Custom Designed Report for your Evaluation Output.

Departmental Evaluation Scantron and Reporting Systems vary in Price per Department needs.
Call 646.2032, or email: for more information.