TestScore Report

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          ITEM                                                                                Description
1)  Input parameters:                     Question number  start ,  Stop (length of questions)  and  total score.

2)  Raw data                                     Data as recorded from Scantrons to Computer data file.

3)  Student Score by id                   ID,  Score,  Right,  Wrong. 

4)  Student Score by Name            Name,  ID,  Score, Right, Wrong, Sum (of Questions responded to).

5)  Class Statistics                          Average Score,  Highest Score,  Lowest Score,  Standard Deviation.

5a) Scores List by Rank                 All Scores listed from  Highest to Low,  “check box” on Form for Print

6)  Student Responses                  Locations of  ‘Right’, ‘Wrong’, and Correct answer for that location.

7)  Class Item Analysis                   Class response Counts & ‘Correct’ Percentage for each Item( Question).


B)   View   1-Part,  2-Part,  and  3-Part    FULL  TestScore  Reports  with .CSV  file:

  1-Part  TestScore Report 

  1-Part  CSV Report
  1-Part XLS

  2 Part TestScore Report 

  2-Part  CSV Report
  2-Part XLS

  3 Part TestScore Report

  3-Part  CSV Report
  3-Part XLS